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Check back to find info on the early songs and albums, concert experiences, interviews and history, as well as our thoughts on all of it (hopefully your thoughts, too).

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If, for some reason, you made it to this page and have never seen Cheap Trick, or if time has eroded your memory of what a jolt they were to late-70's rock-n-roll, or if think Cheap Trick was - as Nina so famously put it in Fast Times at Ridgemont High - "just kids' stuff," then use the next 22 minutes to have your mind blown! Or re-blown, as the case may be. Even re-re-blown!

This is a very young Cheap Trick, exploding on the scene as a little something for everyone (pop, rock, punk, sexy rock stars, class clowns, hook-filled songs, edgy lyrics, and so on). At the same time, it was a band that looked and acted like no one else before them (or since, IMHO).  They were completely unique despite obvious acknowledgements to their core influences.

This is Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, performed on November 10, 1977.  Surrender and I Want You to Want Me weren't even in the set yet, and the Budokan concert was still nearly four months away (and a year from being played on the radio).  Still, TMIMB defies anyone to watch this show and NOT feel their rock-n-roll heartbeat pound a little quicker and harder.  This is the rush of youth and vigor that can only come from the emergence of a truly great rock band!


And if you don't watch 'til the end, you'll miss Bun E. Carlos' giant drumsticks!!!







Cheap Trick 1977.11.10 Don Kirshners Rock Concert HD Remaster Los Angeles CA USA


Those Men Inside My Brain Cheap Trick 77
Those Men Inside My Brain In Color
Those Men Inside My Brain Heaven Tonight
Those Men Inside My Brain at Budokan
Those Men Inside My Brain Dream Police
Those Men Inside My Brain All Shook Up

Those Men Inside My Turntable!

Those Men Inside My Brain currently play songs from these six albums, plus the Found All The Parts EP, the One On One album, and a few soundtrack songs.  The band will eventually advance to the great songs in the rest of Cheap Trick's Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame catalog, but for now, they are dedicated to keeping this classic era alive and bringing this iconic music forward to today's rock-n-rollers.

There is a ton of content to add to this page, including track lists, stories about certain songs,

and thoughts from Those Men Inside My Brain about their musical influence and importance.

For now, click on each album to visit its Wikipedia page.

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