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Everyone who loves live rock music, from classic rock to pop-punk, embraces the legacy of Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Cheap Trick.


Those Men Inside My Brain, whose name comes from the song Dream Police, brings the music of a sensational on-the-rise Cheap Trick to today’s stage.



Allow Those Men To Introduce Himselves!

Hailing from Cleveland and formed in 2019, Dan Loy (bass), Chris Noble (drums), Pete Ortenzi (guitar) and Jeff Szuter (vocals) emulate Cheap Trick, but don’t try to be a strict note-for-note, look-a-like tribute band.   They don’t look much like the band because, frankly nobody does!  Plus, they don’t want to play a stale, old groove.  The music was electrifying was when it was recorded, but great music is not static and TMIMB believes each song is alive and resonates through our ever-evolving conflagration of musical, cultural, and personal experiences over the past forty years.  


Visual cues like the iconic checkerboards, dirty typewriter font, video clips, and a little dress-up make the show more authentic and entertaining, and Those Men Inside My Brain's relentless performance honors the group that nearly every rock fan affectionately considers their “fifth favorite band!”

Those Men Inside My Brain, whose name comes from the refrain in the song Dream Police, chose to stick with Cheap Trick’s early music because there is something magical about a band on the rise.  Cheap Trick recorded four powerhouse records and one of the greatest live albums of all time - all in less than two years, which is impressive by any standard.  Their undeniable explosion onto the national scene is truly legendary, and once America found out who they were, it became impossible to imagine a rock concert any other way!  That is the moment in time TMIMB wants to bring forward for today's audience - the "built-to-be-rocked-live" repertoire, the punk-edged irreverence, and the irresistible power-pop delivery.

Maybe you were with Cheap Trick from the very beginning, lucky enough to find them before the Budokan album, or found them because you love the bands that inspired them (Beatles, Yardbirds, Slade, the Move, etc.).  Perhaps you discovered them through the multitude of rock bands they’ve played with (from AC/DC to ZZTop and everyone between), or because of countless bands they have influenced (Poison, Weezer, Foo Fighters, OK Go, just to name a few).  Maybe you are just hearing for the first time about “the magnetism of Robin Zander, the charisma of Rick Nielsen, and the tunes, don’t forget the tunes, da-na-na-na-na-na-na."  Whatever brought you to this site, Those Men Inside My Brain asks the same question Cheap Trick asks in the first line of the first song at every concert:


"Are you ready to rock?  Are you ready or not?"  


Yes, that was the classic
Cheap Trick reference from
Fast Times at Ridgemont High!
Fast Times at Ridgemont high


Those Men Inside My Brain

Those Men Inside My Skin

Robin Zander
Rick Nielson
Bun E. Carlos
Dan 1
Tom Petersson

Jeff Szuter (singer)


Jeff is a fixture on the Cleveland music scene, playing bass in multiple bands.  For his first gig as a lead singer, he decided to give Robin Zander a try.  How hard could that be!?!

Pete Ortenzi (guitar)


Pete could not have a more opposite personality than Rick Nielsen, but when he plays Rick's dazzling guitar riffs, you'd swear even his fingers have little bow ties!

Chris Noble (drums)


Chris comes from the death/speed metal scene but quickly admits that the drummer he most aspires to play like is the criminally underrated "Bunzuela" Carlos.  You might even say Chris is having a life after death metal experience!?!

Dan Loy (bass)


As part of the early-90's punk rockers Worm Food, Dan always said his stage persona was half Rick Nielsen and half Groucho Marx (and not Tom Petersson!).  Now its more like 100% Tom Petersson (plus half Rick and half Groucho!).