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Everyone who loves live rock music, from classic rock to

pop-punk, embraces the legacy of Rock and Roll Hall of Famers

Cheap Trick!



Allow Those Men To Introduce Himselves!

Hailing from Cleveland and formed in 2018, Dan Loy (bass/vocals), Chris Noble, (drums), Pete Ortenzi (guitar/vocals) and Blair Cameron (lead vocals) bring the sensational music of Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Cheap Trick to today’s audiences.  Iconic songs like "I Want You to Want Me," "Surrender," "Dream Police," and "Ain’t That a Shame" are synonymous with rock concerts and festival stages everywhere and Those Men Inside My Brain play them with the energy and edge of a young Cheap Trick emerging onto the late 70s rock scene.

Those Men Inside My Brain, whose name comes from the refrain in the song "Dream Police," is rooted in Cheap Trick’s early music, namely their “built-to-be-rocked-live” repertoire, their anti-rockstar identity, their punk-edged irreverence, and their impeccable power-pop delivery.  Those Men Inside My Brain draw from those elements to play the best from Cheap Trick's illustrious five-decade career, promising the hits you know, the concert classics you love, and the album cuts you will want to hear again and again!

Cheap Trick cleverly claims to “have no past,” but will be celebrating its 50-year history in 2024.  Those Men Inside My Brain will be there to help reconnect long-time fans and introduce new audiences to the magic and excitement of the legendary band.  Cheap Trick has been culture-checked countless times throughout their resilient career, from “roller skate rockers” to arena upstarts, to MTV darlings, to record company cast-offs, to Hall of Famers, to one of the last truly great 70's rock bands still standing!  Pete points out, “Multiple generations of bands aren’t simply inspired by Cheap Trick, they want to be Cheap Trick and would settle for any part of their long list of accomplishments.”

Those Men Inside My Brain’s audience has been steadily growing in Northeast Ohio and the band will be playing throughout Ohio and its neighboring states in 2024.  They clearly connect to Cheap Trick’s legendary style and sound but don’t aspire to simply imitate.  “Our tribute,” explains Dan, “Is to infuse the songs with our own personality, energy, and insight to achieve a more personally relevant and electrifying performance.”  Chris adds, “It’s what gives our show its edge.”

Those Men Inside My Brain’s full 3-hour show is loaded with Cheap Trick’s most popular songs, but also explore deeper tracks, “newer” material, and personal favorites.  Those Men also love to be part of multiple-tribute band shows because it pools the best that each band has to offer for their overlapping audiences and delivers a super-charged rock-n-roll experience no matter who fans wanted to see most.  Blair notes, “We are huge fans of our friends who play with the same passion for their band as we have for Cheap Trick.  Plus, when we only get 90 minutes, we know our fans are going to go home limp!”

Perhaps you were a Cheap Trick fan from the very beginning, lucky enough (and old enough!) to find them before the At Budokan album came out.  Maybe you found them because you love the bands that inspired them (Beatles, Yardbirds, Slade, the Move, etc.).  Maybe you discovered them through the multitude of rock bands they’ve played with (literally everyone from AC/DC to ZZTop), or because of the countless bands they have influenced, such as Poison, Weezer, and Foo Fighters just to name a few.


Maybe you are just hearing for the first time, as Mike Damone from Fast Times at Ridgemont High would say, about “the magnetism of Robin Zander, the charisma of Rick Nielsen, and the tunes, don’t forget the tunes, da-na-na-na-na-na-na!”  Whatever brought you to this website, Those Men Inside My Brain asks the same question Cheap Trick asks in the first line of their first song at every concert they play:

"Are you ready to rock?  Are you ready or not?"  


The Band


TMIMB band15

Those Men Inside My Skin

Blair Cameron (singer)


Before Blair joined the group, he was living on a mountain way down over in Australia.  Well, rainbows crawled across a mid-day sun, and now we all think he's number one!  Blair loves singing the edgier songs like Stiff Competition and Big Eyes as much as he likes crooning the hits.

Pete Ortenzi (guitar)


Pete doesn't imitate Rick Nielsen's big persona, but when he plays Rick's dazzling guitar riffs, you'd swear his fingers all have little checkered bow ties!  He especially likes I Want You To Want Me and Ain't That A Shame because there are two solos in each song.

Chris Noble (drums)


Chris credits Bun E Carlos for inspiring him to first pick up the drumsticks.  Then Bun said, "Hey, go get your own sticks!"  And with his own sticks, Chris relentlessly pounds out Bun's fantastic beats and fills.  His favorite songs to play are Downed, High Roller, and Lookout.

Dan Loy (bass)


Every once in a while, an internet poll goes around asking, "which is the best of Cheap Trick's first five records?"  Dan always replies, "Its a five-way tie for number one!"  All of the songs are so much fun to play, especially California Man, Hot Love, and Dream Police, which tie all the others for his favorite.

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